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Faiths In Tune - 3rd Berlin Interfaith Music Festival

"3. Berliner Festival der Religionen"

16 September - ufaFabrik Berlin


Following the success of the Faiths In Tune Berlin Festival in 2016 (1400 attendees) and 2017 (2000 attendees), which both involved the active participation of 30 Berlin-based faith communities and interfaith initiatives and had 15+ religions represented, our 3rd annual Berlin Festival is going to take place on 16 September 2018 at the ufaFabrik Berlin.


The festival at this fantastic new venue will feature an all-day music & dance festival stage programme, an interfaith fair, interactive workshops, exhibitions on religion and interfaith coexistence, and an even bigger and improved interactive children's learning and play area.

The entrance to the Berliner Festival der Religionen is free of charge. The festival is being made possible thanks to, among others, funding by the Dr. Buhmann Foundation.


Mayor of Berlin Michael Müller is this year's official patron for the Faiths In Tune - 3rd Berlin Interfaith Music Festival. The festival will be opened with an address by Sawsan Chebli.

Refugees welcome: The Faiths In Tune - 3rd Berlin Interfaith Music Festival extends a warm welcome to all people, including individuals and families with migration and refugee backgrounds. The festival offers multiple performances, activities and information in various languages including English and Arabic. Participation at the festival is encouraged regardless of language, background, religion or else!


More information on the Berlin festival and the full programme can be found on the German version of our website.

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