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The People Behind FAITHS IN TUNE


Our work is made possible by many wonderful people who devote their love, efforts and time to FAITHS IN TUNE's cause of promoting interfaith dialogue and peaceful coexistence.

Anja Fahlenkamp

Founding Director

Anja Fahlenkamp (BA Politics, MA International Relations) is diplomat, political scientist, interfaith visionary and social entrepreneur. She founded the London Interfaith Music Festival in 2011 during her BA Politics studies at SOAS, University of London, originally in the context of her role as the SOAS Students' Union's elected Anti-racism Officer at the time, to promote interfaith respect, dialogue and coexistence through music. Starting with the first festival in April 2012, Anja has since organised and run annual Interfaith Music Festivals in London (from 2015 onwards in cooperation with The British Museum) and has expanded her work to other cities including Berlin, Birmingham, Cologne, Dresden, Lindau and Turin as well as other project formats, including acting as co-organiser of the Knüpfwerk international youth camp since 2021.


For her work she has has been honoured with several awards, including the SOAS Director's Prize, Young Achiever's Award and the Egisto Volterrani Prize for Dialogue, and she has been invited to several international fora, such as the World Parliament of Religions and the White House, to speak about her work on panels and at conferences. She became an Ariane de Rothschild Fellow in 2014, an A Common Word Among Youth Fellow in 2015, a G20 Young Global Changer in 2018 and a KAICIID International Fellow in 2019. She has had engagements as a speaker, facilitator for workshops and seminars, moderator, youth trainer and educator, artist manager, singer, dance instructor and even wedding speaker.


Anja is the Founding Director of Faiths In Tune and the CEO of COEXIST Music & Events e. Kfr., a social enterprise registered in Berlin, Germany in 2014. She has worked for various government, non-governmental and international organisations in Germany and the UK. She completed the diplomat training in the German Foreign Service Academy in 2021 and currently serves as policy officer in the German Federal Foreign Ministry's Task Force for European Migration Policy.


She is politically and socially engaged to improve the conditions of minorities, migrants and refugees in Germany. The mother of three lives in Berlin, raises her children trilingually, and loves singing, reading, learning languages and travelling with her family.


Adina Ajzenberg

Project Manager Berlin

Adina is an allround talent who has worked in the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors. She has accompanied Faiths In Tune's journey from the beginning and is now supporting Faiths In Tune's festival organisation for our "Festival der Religionen" in Berlin, Germany. Before working for Faiths In Tune she used to run a family café in Berlin where she was famous for putting on the best children's birthday parties in town. She is passionate about connecting with people of all different religions. She loves children and has four kids and three grandchildren of her own.

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Barış Şahin

Head of Youth Education & Faiths In Tune Artist Ambassador

Barış from Cologne, Germany is a member of the German Alevi community and has been an active part of Faiths In Tune as Artist Ambassador since 2016 and as Head of Education in our youth engagement since 2021. As the talented singer and musician that he is, he has performed at our festivals in Berlin, London, Turin and Cologne and represents Faiths In Tune as our Artist Ambassador around the world. Together with Anja, he has been serving as representative of Faiths In Tune and member of the Steering Committee at the Knüpfwerk youth camp project since 2021.

Barış studied social sciences and German language and literature at the University of Cologne. He complemented his studies with cultural and religious studies at the University of Education Weingarten and Bilgi University in Istanbul and is currently finishing his Master’s degree in the Teachers Education Program at the University of Cologne. In his research and activist work, he focuses on the various transnational and transcultural discourses of identity, racism, and ideologies of inequality in German society.

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Aymen Atouani

Head of Musical Education

Aymen is a highly talented musician, creative composer and wonderful music teacher based in Tunis, Tunisia. He plays and teaches the piano, guitar and violin and performs both as a solo artist and with bands of different genres, including classical, pop and rock. 


He has been the head of musical education, composition and performance at our Knüpfwerk youth camps since 2021. He has also performed at our Faiths In Tune - World Music Day international online concert in 2021 and at the Faiths In Tune Berlin festival in 2022.


Hanna Behr

Project Assistant & Communications Manager Cologne

Culture, aesthetics and media major Hanna is our organisation talent and communications ace based in Cologne. She makes sure that the first-ever Cologne Interfaith Music Festival runs smoothly and will be a big success!


Jacob Fahlenkamp

Faiths In Tune Youth Ambassador

Jacob Fahlenkamp from Berlin and currently based in Bern is not just a brilliant computer scientist, but has also served as Youth Ambassador for Faiths In Tune. He has been actively supporting Faiths In Tune festivals since 2016 and has not just supported the festivals on the ground, but has also represented Faiths In Tune at external events and international fora including the Berlin Carnival of Cultures and the Connecting Actions initiative, and was a Faiths In Tune delegate at the founding meeting of the European Institute for Dialogue in Paris in June 2018.

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Paul Fahlenkamp

Event, stage and technical support

As a talented musician (guitar, ukulele, drums, voice) who is currently completing a full-time apprenticeship in event technology in Berlin, Paul is bringing his skills and knowledge of music, AV and stage equipment Faiths In Tune festivals every year and helps ensure that our live music stage performances run smoothly and at top quality.

Photography and Video Support


Starting with the 2nd festival in 2013, FAITHS IN TUNE Interfaith Music Festival had the privilege of being professionally video-recorded so that the festival's performances could be shared with everyone on the festival's official Youtube channel, including all those who for some reason couldn't make it to the festival in person. Besides those rare occasions when we had funds to pay comapanies to film our festicals, Ruari Lane in 2013, Carlotta Mastrojanni in 2014, Massumeh Rasch and her team in 2015, Camila Morgause in 2017 and Sebastian Römisch in 2019 graciously volunteered to film the festival and did an indispensable, brilliant job in preserving the festival memory for our official Youtube channel!

Since 2017, the brilliant Anton Tal has been Faiths In Tune's official festival photographer in Berlin, but we are also thankful to brilliant photographers Rudi Prott, Nathan Dreessen, Tahra Sebti and Odeta Catana among others for taking gorgeous photos at our festivals in London and Berlin.




An all-day festival of course could not be successful without great caterers to feed our hungry festival attendees! We have had some great food from wonderful caterers including Karun Bistro in Berlin and Murtaja's Middle Eastern Catering and Alberto's Spanish Street Food in London.

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