6th London Interfaith Music Festival

at the British Museum

Sunday, 21 May 2017

In May 2017, Faiths In Tune teamed up again with The British Museum for the 6th annual London Interfaith Music Festival.


On Sunday, 21 May 2017, the British Museum hosted for the second time the FAITHS IN TUNE - London Interfaith Music Festival from 10 am to 5 pm. The festival featured a diverse stage music and dance programme as well as an interfaith community fair where visitors could learn about and get in touch with various faith and cultural communities from all over London.

The British Museum is the UK's most visited attraction and a majority of the items on its display can be traced back to various religious backgrounds and sacred practices. The Interfaith Music Festival encourages visitors to look at the museum's exhibition not just in terms of cultural diversity and archeology, but through the glasses of faith and interfaith traditions. At the same time, the festival's main objective remains, as in previous years, the promotion of interfaith understanding, respect and dialogue by bringing people of all different faith backgrounds together through the universal language of music.

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The programme runs parallelly on two stages:

Great Court Stage

Ground floor, in the centre of the Great Court, in front of the rotunda, facing you as you enter the Museum.

Standing only, limited seats may be available to those with difficulties standing.

BP Lecture Theatre Stage

Lower ground floor, right underneath the Great Court, accesible via stairs or lifts from the Great Court.

Seating available, reservation via Eventbrite recommended.

10:00 am

Festival Opening

with Anja Fahlenkamp (Faiths In Tune)

and Freddie Matthews (British Museum)

10:10 am

Interfaith / Multi-faith / Agnosticism / Atheism

Sishu Chinese School is sharing non-confessional, traditional Chinese music as a *British Museum Community Partner School*.

10:20 am

Buddhism / Myanmar

Htike Yadana

Htike Yadana will present a traditional Buddhist Dance from Myanmar.

10:30 am

Sufism / Islam / Iran

Rustam School is sharing Persian sufi music as a *British Museum Community Partner School*.

10:40 am

Hinduism / Sufism / India

Minaxi Hira will share tunes from traditional and popular Indian music representing Hinduism and Sufism.

10:50 am

Animism / Polynesia

Ori Tahiti Berlin

Ori Tahiti is flying in from Berlin to showcase the beautiful dances and drumming rituals practiced in animist and polytheist faith traditions on the Pacific isles, including Hawai'i and Tahiti.

11:00 am


 “Arhat Vandana” by Jain Vishva Bharati London to represent ONE JAINS UK: Samani Pratibha Pragya, Samani Unnat Pragya and JVB Gyanshala students and teachers perform ARHAT VANDANA led by Sohum Shah. 

11:20 am


Ricardo Axé & Ensemble

Ricardo Axé and his ensemble will present the Afro-Brazilian faith of Candomblé with traditional singing, drumming and dancing.

11:30 am

Judaism / Israel

The Israeli Dance Institute’s Oranim Dance Troupe will perform Jewish folk dances from Israel, showcasing the cultural diversity within Judaism as represented in the varying regional origins – such as Western European, Eastern European, Yemenite or Moroccan – of the different Jewish sub-communities and their respective dance traditions.

11:45 am

Islam / Sufism / Central Asia

The London Uyghur Ensemble will share the traditional Sufi usic of the Uyghurs from Central Asia. 

12:00 pm

Hinduism / Interfaith

The charismatic Renu Gidoomal will invite audiences to sing traditional Indian Hindu bhajans as well as music from multiple faith backgrounds with her.

12:15 pm

Satsang Amma / One Love

The followers of the Indian guru Amma, who is most famous for her hugs, will musically represent Amma's satsang and her philosophy of universal love.

12:30 pm

Mahayana Buddhism / China

For the first time, the London Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple will share the music of the Mahayana Buddhists from China.

12:45 pm

Buddhism / Fuke Zen / Japan

Justin Senryu is a master maker, performer and teacher of shakuhachi, the Japanese bamboo flute. He will perform shakuhachi honkyoku – the Zen Buddhist music of the komuso, monks from Edo period Japan whose spiritual practice centred around the meditative music of the shakuhachi. 

1:00 pm

Christianity / Southern Africa

5notes, led by the wonderful Tsungai Tsikirai, represent the Christian Gospel musical traditions of Southern Africa.

1:10 pm


The London International Gospel Choir, led by Naveen Arles, will perform modern gospel music.

1:30 pm


The sister duo Pearls of Islam mixes Islamic poetry with Caribbean rhythms and beautiful guitar and voice arrangements.

1:35 pm


Baris Sahin and Volkan Karacay play traditional music from the Alevi religion, practiced mostly by Kurds and Turks.

2:00 pm



The sporano and piano duo Arjan presents Jewish art songs from Sephardic and Ashkenazi traditions.

2:05 pm


Members of the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur's London Centre perform dances from Jain faith backgrounds.

2:20 pm

Islam / Sufism / Iran

The Soveida Ensemble will share the mystical sounds of Perisan Sufi music.

2:30 pm

Shintoism / Shinji Shumeikai / Japan

The interfaith spiritual fellowship Shumei, originally from Japan, will present a mixed performance of opera, Japanese Taiko drumming and the "Amatsunorito" chant.

2:45 pm

Hinduism / Vaisnavism / "Hare Krishna"

Kirtan London, composed of members of the London Radha Krishna Temple, will perform the Maha Mantra of the Hinduist religious tradition of Vaisnavism, also known by “Hare Krishna”.

3:00 pm


Children from the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir London, the largest Hindu temple outside of India, will share traditional bhajans from the Hinduist religion.

3:15 pm

Santeria / Espiritismo / Cuba

The London Lucumi Choir, directed by vocal coach and ordained Santeria priestess Daniela de Armas, will perform the music of the Afro-Cuban religious traditions of Santeria, Lucumi, Arara and Palo.

3:30 pm

One Love

Antarma brings hearts together with the voice, the guitar and the drum. His music is inspired and influenced by numerous faith traditions, including Hinduism, Sufism and Shamanism, while the overarching message can be summarised as "One Love".

3:45 pm

Buddhism / Japan

The Glorious Life Chorus is part of Soka Gakkai, an international Buddhist movement.

4:00 pm

Sikhism / Kundalini Yoga

Siri and her ensemble sing and play music based on the Kundalini Yoga Tradition and are sure to lift you up and calm you down at the same time with their strong charisma, radiating glow and beautiful purity.

4:15 pm

Christianity / Gospel

Hardly anyone can stay in their seats once the singers of the BIG get their musical extravaganza going. From the first Hallelujah to the last Amen, this choir conducted by the brilliant Becky Thomas and Andrea Encinas will make you feel the glory and believe that “He is alive!”

4:30 pm


Traditionally, every Faiths In Tune festival ends with an interfaith performance. This year, we are happy to have Berakah Arts' youth interfaith ensemble Increase the Peace offer the final musical act of the day. 

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