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Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does the next festival take place?

For upcoming festivals and events, please take a look at the festival overview under the menu button "Festivals & Events".

Is there any entrance fee for the festival?

All Faiths In Tune festivals are free and open to the public. We have kept it like that from the beginning, because we want to make our festivals accessible to everyone.


However, we are thankful for donations, without which we cannot keep our work going. To support our work with a donation, you can donate when registering for your ticket at Eventbrite by selecting the ticket option "Registration + Donation". You can also donate directly via our website.

How can I participate at the festival?

There are many ways to participate at our festivals, including on and off stage, at the interfaith fairs, or as supporters and sponsors. To find out more, have a look at our website section "Get Involved".

Do you pay the performing artists? Can you cover expenses?

Unfortunately, we cannot generally pay any artist fees or cover expenses at this point - this is not because we don't value our artists' work and talent, but simply because so far we have not been able to raise the necessary funds for this. 


Our Interfaith Music Festivals were started from scratch in 2011 without any funds but only the vision of uniting people of all different faith backgrounds through their music. The London festivals have been made possible through in-kind support from our hosts (SOAS University from 2012-2015, The British Museum since 2016), while the organising team and all participating artists have been volunteering to donate their time and work towards the cause of promoting interfaith dialogue and coexistence. The devotion and commitment of our participants is a main reason for the success of our festivals.


At the same time, we decided against the introduction of entrance fees to our festivals, even if these might help to raise funds from which to pay modest fees to the performing artists, because we believe that the message of our festivals is so important that we don't want to discourage anyone from attending by putting up financial barriers.


We are working on raising additional funds for the festival, but until we are successful in this we remain unable to pay any fees or cover any expenses.


For our Berlin festivals in 2016 and 2017, we were able to raise funds to cover travel expenses for artists based within Germany and in 2017 we were also able to pay humble fees to the performing artists. We appreciate that many of our UK-based artists are eager to join the Berlin festival as well, however at this stage we are prioritising performance offers from Berlin-based artists. We will not be able to cover any accommodation costs nor travel expenses from outside of Germany to Berlin.

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