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FAITHS IN TUNE presents 4th Interfaith Music Festival

at SOAS, University of London 2015


For the 4th year in a row, SOAS, University of London has hosted the Interfaith Music Festival under the new title of FAITHS IN TUNE on 30 March 2015. The festival attracted around 500 attendees, for many of whom the Interfaith Music Festival has become a much beloved and established event. 


Find out how to get involved in future festivals!


This year the festival offered again an amazing programme, with 28 musical and dance performances representing some 20 different faiths and beliefs - more than any other interfaith music event ever before!


9.30 am – 10.30 am  |
World Singing Space 


Interfaith Singing Workshop with Rev. Helen Webb |

All Levels Welcome

10.30 am – 9.00 pm  | Faith Music and Dance


10.30am - 12pm    Morning of Spirituality: Prayer, Poetry & Meditation


10.30 Welcome with FAITHS IN TUNE organiser Anja Fahlenkamp


10.35 Sat Siri Singh Khalsa (Sikhism/Kundalini Yoga)

11.00 Jain Vishva Bharati (Jainism)

11.20 Vincent Bonelli (Meditation/Christianity)

11.40 Rafael Semilla (Shamanism | Colombia)


12pm - 7pm      Faiths Around the World: Faith Music & Dance


12.00 Esra Akkaya (Sufism/Islam | Turkey)

12.25 Rowshan (Baha'i)

12.45 An Anú (Celtic beliefs | Ireland)

13.10 Pearls of Islam (Islam | UK/Caribbean)

13.35 Thai Music Group (Buddhism | Thailand)

13.50 Arjan (Judaism)

14.15 Bhavan Centre (Odissi dance/Hinduism | India)

14.30 Mehmet Akyildiz (Sufism/Islam/

        Abrahamic faith traditions)

15.00 Kirtan London (Hare Krishna/Vaisnavism/Hinduism)

15.30 Commandant Atse / Focus Africa (Rastafari/

        African spiritual beliefs | Paris/Côte d'Ivoire)

16.00 Fahad Khalid (Sufism/Islam | Pakistan)

16.20 Ricardo Axe (Candomblé/Afro-Brazilian spiritual

        traditions | Brazil)

16:40 Olalekan Koufeidji (Kemitic traditions/ancient African

        spiritual traditions | Egypt)

16.55 Antarma &  The Family Tree (One Love)

17.10 Friends of Amma (Teachings of Mātā Amṛtānandamayī

        Devī "Amma"/One Love/Hinduism | India)

17.30 Shira Britannia (Judaism)

18.00 Shumei UK (Shinji Shumeikai | Japan)

18.30 Minaxi Hira (Hinduism/Sufism | India)

18.45 IDI Oranim Dance Troupe (Judaism | Israel)


7pm - 9pm          Finale of Choirs: United Voices for Interfaith Dailogue


19.00 London Lucumi Choir with Daniela De Armas (Santeria/Arara and Palo/Espiritismo | Cuba)

19.30 British   Humanist  Choir (Humanism/Atheism/ non-religious world views | UK)

19.55 The BIG Choir/British Gospel Arts (Gospel/Christianity)

20.20 3FF Mixed Up Chorus (Interfaith)

20.40 SOAS World Music Choir (Interfaith)

10.30 am –  7.00 pm   | Interfaith Fair


With numerous Faith & Interfaith

Organisations in the SOAS Brunei Suite


Antarma & the Family Tree
Bhavan Centre
Bhavan Centre
Kirtan London
Olalekan Koufeidji
Mehmet Akyildiz & Fahad Khalid
Ricardo Axé - Candomblé do Brasil
Bhavan Centre
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