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3FF presents "Commitment to Interfaith Work Award" to Anja Fahlenkamp

On 11 November 2014 FAITHS IN TUNE Founding Director Anja Fahlenkamp received the Commitment to Interfaith Work Award from the Three Faiths Forum (3FF) ParliaMentors Alumni Committee at the House of Lords in London.

The Awards, hosted by the Lord Sheikh, were held in celebration of the achievements and successes of former students since their graduation from the 3FF's ParliaMentors programme.

The 3FF's ParliaMentors programme is a year-long interfaith leadership programme in London, in the context of which students are mentored by British parliamentarians and organise social projects in interfaith goups. The ParliaMentors Programme has even been recognized by the United Nations with the UN Award for Intercultural Innovation.

Anja participated in the programme in 2011/12, in the context of which she was mentored by Labour's Hilary Benn MP and organised a seminar on racism in the UK at her university at the time, SOAS, University of London, together with a Muslim-Catholic student from London LSE and a Sikh student from the University of Westminster.



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