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The people on the stage: Performers and speakers

The performers:


Over the years, numerous artists and groups from diverse faith backgrounds have volunteered to perform at the festival, kindly donating their participation on stage to the cause of promoting interfaith dialogue.


Abdelkader Saadoun (North Africa and the Middle East)

Adrian Zendeh (Baha’i)

Alexander Massey (Judaism)

Antarma (One Love/Multifaith)

Antarma & the Family Tree (One Love)

The B.I.G. Choir (Gospel/Christianity)

Cosma Gottardi (Baha’i)

Fertile Crescent (Sufism/Middle East)

Francesca Ter-Berg and Rachel Weston, SOAS Jewish Music Institute (Judaism)

Friends of Amma Mātā Amṛtānandamayī Devī (Hinduism/ Universal Love)

Cantor Jacky Chernett, Cantor Jeremy Burko and Julian Dawes (Judaism)

J Kas (Islam/Sufism)

Cantor Jochen Fahlenkamp (Judaism)

Judith Silver &Friends (Judaism)

June Boyce-Tillman (Christianity)
Justin Senryu Williams - (Buddhism/Japan)

Kat Drake (Baha'i)

Kirtan London, Radha Krishna Temple (Hinduism/Vaishnavism/Hare Krishna)

London Lucumi Choir with Daniela De Armas (Afro-Cuban/Santeria/Arara and Palo/Espiritismo)

Los Desterrados (Sephardic Judaism)

Mandali (Hare Krishna/Hinduism)

Mehmet Akyildiz (Islam/Sufism)

Minaxi Hira, SOAS (Hinduism)

Mike Stanton (Multifaith/One Love)

Native Sun (African/Caribbean/Islam and Buddhism)

Ocean of Love, International Sufi School (Islam/Senegalese Sufi)

Oranim Dance Troupe - IDI (Judaism)

Pearls of Islam (Islam)

Raj Academy (Sikhism)
Rakin Niass, Darul Fayda Sufi Order (Islam/Sufism)

Red Sulphur (Islam/Sufism)

Samani Pratibha &Samani Him Pragya, Jain Vishva Bharati London (Jainism)

San Kam Nung (“Always in my mind”) (Classical Thai/Buddhism/Hinduism)
Schola Anselmi (Christianity/Catholicism/Gregorian)

Shumei UK (Shinji Shumeikai)

Siri Sadhana Kaur (Kundalini Yoga/Sikhism)

SOAS Ceilidh (Atheism)

SOAS Klezmer Ensemble (Judaism/ Klezmer)

SOAS Middle Eastern Ensemble (Middle Eastern(Islam/Sufism)

SOAS Thai Music Group / Thai Music Circle UK (Thai/Buddhism/Hinduism)
SOAS World Music Choir with Judith Silver (Interfaith)

Swati Sen (Hinduism)

Vincent Bonelli (Christianity/Meditation)

Viola de Cunha and Friends (Interfaith)

Whistle-stop tour of Jewish Song: Cantor Zoe Jacobs, Rachel Weston, Cantor Cheryl Wunch and Judith Silver (Judaism)
Yalla with Nabila Fowles-Gutierrez and Laoise Rosswick (Judaism and Islam/Interfaith)

Zendeh Delan, MTO Sufi Society (Islam/Sufism)

The speakers:


Each festival did not only showcase lots of music from various faith and interfaith backgrounds, but also featured panel talks and presentations with amazing speakers who inspired us with their knowledge and experience.


Mehmet Akyildiz – Red Sulphur, SOAS Spiritual Dialogue Society

Toni Baum – SOAS Department of Anthropology and Sociology
June Boyce-Tillman – Winchester Cathedral, Space for Peace

Anthony 'Antarma' Buckland - Interfaith Musician

Cantor Jeremy Burko - European Academy for Jewish Liturgy, Masorti

Ian Coleman - Church of St Anselm& St Caecilia

Daniela De Armas - London Lucumi Choir

Marcelo De Souza - Shumei UK

Ed Emery – SOAS Ceilidh Band, Ceilidh Beyond Borders

Anja Fahlenkamp – COEXIST Interfaith Music Festival, SOAS

Cosma Gottardi – UK Baha'i Choir, Faith Direct

Jahnavi Harrison - Radha Krishna Temple, Kirtan London

Cat Mansoor - Tunes 4 Change/Tony Blair Faith Foundation Faiths Act

Rakin Niass - Sunlight Education

Laoise Rosswick - Interfaith Band Yalla!

Harsha Sharma - Tunes 4 Change/Tony Blair Faith Foundation Faiths Act

Professor Gurharpal Singh – SOAS Dean of Arts and Humanities

Helen Webb – Interfaith Minister, An Anù, voice coach

Justin Senryu Williams – Shakuhachi, St Ethelburgas Centre for Reconciliation and Peace
Adrian Zendeh – Baha'i Berlin

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